Put yourself on the map!

After installing a rain garden (and drinking a congratulatory iced tea!), the next most important thing to do is to register your garden with Three Rivers Rain Garden Alliance.

Why register?

Registering your garden will help in many ways.

  1. Once we know your garden's location and size, we can track and report how well it is doing. Using a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and 3 Rivers Wet Weather Calibrated Radar Rainfall Data we can track precipitation at your location and calculate how many gallons of water your garden is removing from the storm water and sewage systems.
  2. We can add your "Rain Drop" to our rain garden performance map, where everyone's data is compiled and presented and we can show the total imapact that Three Rivers Rain Garden Alliance is having.
  3. You can upload pictures of your garden to show off your gardening abilities!
  4. You'll get a beautiful sign to display in your garden to let everyone know that you are a member of the Alliance and part of the solution to our storm water problem.
  5. Best of all, It's Free!