The benefits of rain gardens run deep.

When you plant and maintain a rain garden, the immediate gratification is obvious. The attractive flowers and plants enhance your yard and add beauty to your surroundings. But the most important benefits don't meet the eye.

Improving your yard, your neighborhood, your entire community. Naturally.

After decades of relentless development, we continue to pave over green spaces, and rainwater that once seeped into the soil runs into rivers, streams and lakes, carrying chemicals and other pollutants as well as untreated sewage and, often, resulting in flooding.

Putting things back in balance starts in your own back yard.

Every rain garden that sprouts in your community is another important step in reversing the trend and restoring the natural balance. A network of rain gardens makes a difference in many ways:

  • Helping keep water clean by filtering rainwater runoff before it reaches local waterways.
  • Helping protect communities from flooding and drainage problems.
  • Replenishing area aquifers by increasing the amount of water filtering into the ground.
  • Enhancing the beauty of yards and communities.
  • Providing habitats for wildlife, from birds to butterflies.

One rain garden can't do it. But by building and adding to a rain garden network, we can all make a big difference for the entire region.

Image By PlayTheTunes